Bitcoin is the mother ship of cryptocurrency, it won’t go away‘.

In this issue of Hup Bitcoin, we speak with Hans Looman, Chief Technology Officer at Link Global Technologies. He is a listed supplier to the Bitcoin mining industry in Canada.

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Go Bitcoin #54: Hans Looman

We speak to Looman, who moved from the Netherlands to British Columbia, Canada, for 15 years.

An entrepreneur with an electrical engineering background and someone who has been actively working with Bitcoin since 2013. First of all, to love Bitcoin at home, something he still does to ‚heat the house in winter‘.

He also does business with Bitcoin on a daily basis. Because Link Global is an important pawn in Canada to convert excess electricity into sounding Bitcoin. Hard money. According to some, the hardest currency on earth.

The energy sector in Canada suffers from an energy surplus and Link Global knows how to respond to that.

Looman explains: Our clients are mining companies and we supply them with energy first and foremost. We own a few oil and gas fields or have lucrative contracts with energy companies. We sell that excess energy to miners. In some traps we take 100% energy and convert the operation to Bitcoin mining‘.

Link Global also sells the complete infrastructure so that a miner can start plug and play. Starting with mobile containers, which are relatively easy to place in fairly inaccessible areas in Alberta.

Looman says: ‚Each container has a capacity of approximately 1 megawatt and per project we sell between 3 and 10 containers on average. The production sites are mainly in Alberta, east of British Columbia.

Each container also produces 1 MW of excess heat and as an entrepreneur he sees equal opportunities. You can use that heat to grow fruit or vegetables. In this way you add sustainability to the process‘.


Looman praises the business climate in Canada. The country is open to the possibilities that exist with Bitcoin. We ran one of the first Bitcoin ATMs in Vancouver. At that time, virtual currencies were not yet legal, so they couldn’t stop us either.

They now have a set of rules that apply nationally. That is good, because in the US, for example, there are different rules per state‘.

The government sees Bitcoin as an asset like shares and not as money. We bitcoiners may think differently, but governments are always working on how to tax something. But you can regulate whatever you want. This technology is still young, is developing rapidly and is not going to go away‘.

„Bitcoin is freedom“

For Looman, Bitcoin is synonymous with freedom and a way to exchange value without a bank. In the Netherlands we have quite an organised banking system if you compare it to Canada. Here they still work with cheques, can you imagine?

Banks still work with a username and password. When I show them my digipas from the Netherlands, they look at you as if you’re from another planet. So for me, Bitcoin was also a wonderful way to make payments across the border without any hassle.

A group of people will choose to do everything non-custodial, but the majority will still depend on a bank to take care of things for them, I think. Hopefully banks will also see Bitcoin as an opportunity rather than a threat.

Bitcoin is the mother ship, it will not go away. It is the hardest currency there is and it has the potential to become a reserve currency on a global scale. Precisely as a hedge in a system that is on the verge of collapse‘.